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The Flame-Resistant fabric 625 Orange HV produced with recycled yarn, is the result of an innovative process that combines new and recycled fibers: Modified Acrylic type F and M-Aramid. This fact contributes to reducing the environmental impact and promotes sustainability.

Type F Modified Acrylic is a fiber that offers exceptional properties in terms of strength, durability and color fastness capacity.. By using 50% of its composition of recycled origin, the final fabric holds the same characteristics, which makes it an excellent option for a PPE.

On the other hand, M-Aramid is a fiber known for its resistance to heat, flames and cuts. By integrating 50% of its composition of recycled origin, it is guaranteed that the fabric maintains its properties, resulting in a fabric that is highly resistant to high temperatures and fire, being ideal for work environments that involve heat and fire risks.

Obtaining the yarns used in the 625 Orange HV fabric involves recycling reprocessed textile fibers and transforming them into new fibers. This circular approach helps reduce the amount of textile waste and minimize the consumption of natural resources.

It is important to note that, despite using recycled yarns, the 625 Orange HV fabric will have the same properties and quality as the fabric made with non-recycled yarn. Above all, Orange 625 continues to fulfill EN20471 This is achieved through rigorous selection processes for high-quality recycled fibers and advanced manufacturing technologies that ensure optimal performance of the final fabric.

In addition to its sustainability and quality, the 625 Orange HV fabric with recycled yarn offers versatility in its application It can be used in the manufacture of heat and flame-resistant work PPEs, and protective equipment for industrial environments.

In resume, the 625 Orange HV fabric with yarn from recycled fibers is an innovative solution that combines sustainability with the quality and properties of conventional fabrics. With its properties, it is an excellent option for various applications in personal protection and industry. By choosing this fabric, you are contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.